About Ekata Manch

Ekata Manch is a registered trust with Charity Commissioner Gr. Mumbai under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and Public Trust Act 1950 and was established in the year 1996.

Ekata Manch endeavours to serve society by alleviating and empowering those in need. The agonizing events of the 1992-1993 communal riots had a lasting impact on Mr. Ajay Kaul, the founder of Ekata Manch. He resolved to make a visible and positive difference to society and to that effect, Ekata Manch was born.

Ekata Manch strives to have a positive impact on the lives of the underprivileged through its various social welfare, medical and relief programs. Driven by the values of benevolence and compassion, Ekata Manch drives numerous programs, campaigns and rallies aimed at promoting communal harmony, animal welfare, woman and youth empowerment and so on.

Ekata Manch is committed to serve all members of society irrespective of their caste, creed or gender. ‘Not I, But We’ is the motto that drives our resilient efforts at Ekata Manch. We consistently network and collaborate with like-minded activists, volunteers and organizations to better serve our society.

Various initiatives like organizing medical camps and sponsoring major surgeries, social welfare efforts for the needy, civic programs for local citizens, awareness programs for environmentalism & animal welfare, skill development and vocational courses, senior citizen programs and programs for women & youth empowerment are undertaken by Ekata Manch on a regular basis.

Our Vision

To transform our society into a caring, conscious and compassionate one towards all.

Our Mission

Social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities and social strata at large.

Our Values

At Ekata Manch, our endeavours revolve around 3 Ps – Peace, People and Progress. Our values stem from creating an ideal society where people, peace and progress co-exist harmoniously and where an advance in either of the three categories isn’t at the cost of each other. We recognize the importance of balanced and sustainable growth and our continued efforts aim to see a reflection of these values in our society.


  • To promote communal harmony by providing an unbiased platform for social interaction
  • To alleviate the economically weaker sections of society through aid and relief programs as well as efforts to empower them
  • To create awareness amongst the youth about various social, civic and environmental issues
  • To empower women and youth through various development programs and courses
  • To make education accessible through sponsorship and educational aid programs
  • To create an inclusive society where all animals are treated with love and respect
  • To encourage sustainable growth keeping the interests of the environment in mind
  • To create a platform that enables citizens to come together in times of distress and natural calamities

The Visionary Behind Ekata Manch

Revered with the Guru Dronacharya Award for his enduring contribution in the field of education, Mr. Ajay Jawahar Kaul is a man with boundless fortitude. A member of the Mumbai Civil Society, a veteran educationist and a committed activist with a benevolent heart, he stands tall as an unwavering pillar of our society.

Mr. Kaul has set unparalleled standards with his work in various fields. His efforts towards social development, education, communal harmony, health awareness, women and youth welfare, amongst copious other social initiatives, have inspired communities for the past three decades.

The seed of Ekata Manch was sown in Mr. Kaul’s heart during the communal riots of 1992-1993 in Mumbai. The horrific impact of the agitation and brutality had a deep impact on his mind and moved him to launch a movement that would promote communal harmony, paving the way for the birth of Ekata Manch.

Since then, Mr. Kaul has been relentless in his efforts to mobilize and inspire communities to unite and help each other through Mohalla Committees, regular interaction with police personnel, rallies, discussion groups and community celebrations of various festivals under one roof.

Mr. Kaul strongly believes that an educated, harmonious and healthy society is the basis of a better future. Under his able leadership, Ekata Manch has been able to serve the underprivileged effectively as well as contribute to the creation of a well-empowered and responsible society.

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