Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Animals have as much claim to the world as humans. The relentless development of humanity has, unfortunately, often overlooked the needs of our fellow living things.

Ekata Manch endeavours to look after the needs of all animals that are left by themselves to defend against the forces of nature. Medical needs, food, and shelter for stray dogs, cats and cattle are on the forefront of Ekata Manch’s initiatives for animal welfare.

Past & Current Initiatives:

  • Donated INR 5 lakhs for feeding cattle and setting up bore wells to The Mother Global Foundation trust led by Smt. Sindhu Tai Sakpal
  • Donated INR 5 lakhs to IDA (In defence of Animals, Govandi) for providing medical facilities for animals.
  • Organised protest rallies to urge the government to amend the existing Animal Cruelty Act
  • Providing basic amenities for the wellbeing of the stray animals on daily basis
  • Providing financial support for medical aid for stray animals
  • Initiating sterilization and vaccination drives for stray animals on a regular basis
  • Maintaining a pet park at Yari road, Versova
  • Managing the first ever stray puppies’ foster home at Lonavala
  • Installed feeder points at different locations in Lonavala
  • Maintenance of an Animal Care Van at Lonavala
  • Feeding the stray animals on daily basis in Mumbai and Lonavala.

Future Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Build a shelter home for stray animals
  • Create awareness among people about animal welfare, including current issues and applicable laws
  • Organize events for adoption of strays in India
  • Create training centres for stray dogs and integrate them into mainstream security services in India
  • Set up a sterilization centre for stray animals
  • Build a cemetery for stray animals in the vicinity