Child Welfare

Child Welfare

Child Welfare initiatives are important to keep the health and well-being of children in check, with the goal of improving physical, mental and emotional health of children. Children caught in the cross-fires of exploitation, abuse, neglect or violence definitely require safety nets to help them through their growing years.

Ekata Manch undertakes numerous programs to focus on the all-round development of a child.

Past & Current Initiatives:

  • Regular organisation of ‘Fun & Fair Meet’ for street children
  • Set up free coaching classes for children in the slums
  • Organized talent hunt for slum children
  • Distribution of notebooks and stationary to slum children
  • Organised free field visits for slum children to Nehru Science Centre
  • Provision of necessities to fulfil basic requirements of children in orphanages

Future Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Set up a centre to provide nutritional meals on a daily basis for kids from slum areas
  • Annual vaccination drives and medical camps for children
  • Set up and maintain a foster home for children with no guardians and no income avenues