Civic Issues

Civic Issues

Civic engagement is key for any thriving society where people take collective action to address issues of public concern.

Ekata Manch understands that wide-spread participation in resolving civic issues is imperative to overcome several growth challenges. Volunteering and active participating in community driven programs are just some of the ways how we shoulder this responsibility.

Past & Current Initiatives:

  • Adopted and maintained ‘Janardan Ramle BMC Garden’ for the citizens of the locality for 5 years
  • Maintaining a Pet Park at Yari Road, Versova for pets
  • Provision of free medical aid as well as carrying out sterilization and vaccination drives for stray animals
  • Set up BMC Market at BMC plot during Covid pandemic.
  • Appointed doctors to test migrants for Covid and issue applicable certificates to enable them to travel during the first wave of the Covid pandemic
  • Assisted BMC in providing Rebeulla vaccines in the area.
  • Assisted BMC doctors in K-West Ward jurisdiction to set up ‘Fever Clinics’
  • Organization of awareness rallies on cleanliness, health& hygiene on a regular basis
  • Covid Vaccination Centre started in association with BMC at Children Welfare Centre High School

Future Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Initiate a campaign to spread awareness amongst citizens regarding importance of following traffic rules for enhanced road safety in the vicinity
  • Initiate an Anti-noise pollution campaign to keep the noise pollution in check by discouraging rampant honking and enforcing timely limits on construction activities
  • Adopt and maintain parks in the vicinity for the benefit of local citizens