Environmental Concerns

Environmental Concerns

It goes without saying that sustainable growth is the need of the hour in today’s world. We are witnessing first-hand the devastating impact of climate change whether it is in the form of forest fires, floods, pandemics, etc.

Problems like plastic pollution in our oceans and toxic elements in our air are detrimental to all stakeholders in the environment. Ekata Manch recognizes the urgency with which we need to act to help offset the adverse effects of climate change.

Past & Current Initiatives:

  • Collection of plastic bottles and having them sent for recycling
  • Beach Cleaning Drives along-with citizens in the locality
  • Building awareness through rallies about the problems of plastic and encouraging ‘Say No To Plastic;’ along-with promotion and distribution of cloth bags
  • Organizing awareness rallies and tree plantation drives with the theme of ‘Go Green’
  • Organizing seminars and symposiums to promote segregation of wet and dry garbage.
  • Screening of Audio/Visual films in the society on the issue ‘Save Mangroves, Save Environment’

Future Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Setting up a local plastic recycling collection point
  • Undertake beach and ocean cleaning drives in the locality with a focus on stopping garbage and sewage pollution at source
  • Increasing the tree coverage in Yari Road, Versova by planting trees and maintaining green areas
  • Addressing future risks of coastal erosion by building resilient drainage systems and strengthening structures within the surrounding vicinity which may be at risk from flooding