Medical Programs

Medical Programs

The physical and mental health of an individual determines the health of society as a whole. Various medical programs aimed at educating people and creating awareness within the community empower individuals to live healthier lives.

Ekata Manch’s numerous initiatives focus on prevention of medical issues, increasing health equity, and decreasing negative health outcomes by ensuring availability and accessibility of health services.

Past & Current Initiatives:

  • Regular free medical camps for the underprivileged class of the society
  • Regular dental and eye check-ups for children from slums
  • Maintenance of a blood donation van wherein blood donation drive is conducted and free blood bottles are supplied to cancer and thalassemia patients
  • Facilitation of 7500 free cataract operations(duly supported by Divya Jyoti Eye Clinic)
  • Provision of financial assistance to dialysis, cancer, heart patients and patients suffering from similar serious ailments
  • A mega medical camp is set up annually on 14th April for the past 12 years. The camp sees approximately 150 doctors & over 2000 beneficiaries come under one roof
  • ‘Fever Clinics’ were set up in different areas during the Covid Pandemic
  • Started Free Ekata Mohalla Clinic at Millat Nagar.
  • Ekata Manch has started Free Health care Centre in the Pet Park for Stray Animals Under the Care and Observation of Dr. Amol Yamgar (Veterinary Surgeon)
  • Blood donation van is set up and over the years free blood bottles are supplied to Thalassemia patients.

Future Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Set up and maintain a free Dialysis Centre for dialysis patients
  • Set up and maintain free Mohalla clinics (specially in the slum areas)
  • Provide financial assistance and support to underprivileged people suffering from life-threatening diseases
  • Create a centre for the free disbursement of common OTC medicines to the needy