Seminars, Symposiums & Workshops

Seminars, Symposiums & Workshops

Ekata Manch regularly holds seminars and workshops on various topics to create awareness amongst members of society as well as help provide a platform to help people address their doubts and queries.

Past & Current Initiatives:

  • Seminars on issues pertaining to co-operative housing societies
  • Seminars relating to Taxation Laws and procedures to file IT returns
  • Workshops aiming to educate members about the Right To Information (RTI) Act, Right To Education (RTE) Act and (RTS) Right To Public Service Act
  • Programs to create awareness about the Medical facilities and health benefits or subsidies available under various Govt. schemes

Future Initiatives in the pipeline:

  • Seminars on the latest amendments to the direct or indirect (GST) taxation laws for enhanced compliance
  • Workshops by professionals to educate local citizens about laws or government rules which could be advantageous to them
  • Workshops on topics that would help co-operative housing societies like rain-water harvesting, garbage composting, etc